Insight & Assessment Services

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Insight & Assessment Services


Our assessments provide individuals and organizations with a detailed, insightful description of an executive’s leadership skills and characteristics. This unique information informs decisions about promotion, selection, placement and development. The assessment offers a personal and meaningful experience for the individual. We respect the constraints on executives’ schedules and conduct the assessment in a time efficient manner.

The components of the assessment typically include:

  • In-depth Interview
  • Personality and Emotional Intelligence Inventories
  • Feedback
  • Written Summary Report
360 On Line

We offer an on-line 360-degree feedback tool that provides feedback on a robust set of executive level competencies. Leadership Excellence Consulting can provide one-on-one feedback and development guidance to each executive or equip the organization to facilitate these sessions.

Verbal 360

We find that executives can benefit from more comprehensive feedback about how they are viewed in the organization. In these situations, we conduct live interviews with bosses, peers, direct reports and other stakeholders to understand these perceptions in greater depth. We create a written report and review it with the executive in a feedback and coaching session.

Custom Interventions

We design custom insight interventions that address specific situations in our client organizations. This might include tailoring our existing instruments and practices or creating an intervention from scratch.

Our experience at CN with Leadership Excellence is in the area of strategic HR advice. We have called upon their expertise in executive coaching and extensive and practical executive assessments. Their professional approach and willingness to understand the business and our people is most impressive and clearly allows them to add value.

Mary O’Hara
Chief Human Resources Officer
Blue Shield of California